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Please complete module one to gain a better understanding of how these resources can assist you in your role and your interactions with older people and adults with disability. You can also download these tools to discuss with your manager, and in your organisation.

What is abuse, neglect and exploitation?
This guide will provide you with a summary of the different types of abuse, neglect and exploitation, and the common signs to look for in an older person or adult with disability.

How to have a conversation in 5 simple steps
This conversation guide can assist in breaking down the understandable fear of not knowing how to talk with someone you suspect is at risk of, or may be experiencing abuse, neglect or exploitation.

General information flyer about the Ageing and Disability Commission
Providing this overview of the ADC may assist you, your organisation and the older person or adult with disability better understand our role, and how we can help.

Contact list of other agencies and providers
The older person or adult with disability may be in need of legal, advocacy or other support services. This comprehensive list may help decide who to contact. If in doubt, call the Ageing and Disability Abuse Helpline.

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Last updated: 23 Nov 2020